opinions of others

opinions of others

Dont just take my word for it – These are some of the opinions which have been expressed by others!

“It`s absolutely amazing and I almost can`t believe it but my hot flushes are almost completely gone! You are a magician”


“Boundary Herbs was recommended to me after telling a close relative about my menopausal symptoms.
I was suffering with very low mood, crying, memory loss, insomnia, night sweats. hot flushes to name but a few. After my initial consultation with Shani she made up a remedy for me. After taking it for around 7/10 days I noticed a significant difference and after 3/4 weeks I felt almost back to my normal self. I am still taking it 2 months in and continue to feel the benefits.”


“I got in touch with Shani on behalf of my Dad who has terrible trouble with the circulation in his legs and his GP was at a loss for what could be done. Shani has been extremely attentive and empathetic. She takes time to explain to my Dad exactly what could be going on in his body, something he was not getting up until now. My Dad found this so refreshing and helpful to put his mind at ease because the sheer frustration of not understanding his body systems and why he might be suffering was an added stress for him. Shani is professional and cautious, taking current medications and health issues very seriously into account when deciding on her approach. Thank you Shani you’ve been amazing and thats why we continue to work with you.”

“Massive grateful THANX to Shani Crofton (therapist superstar) for giving me such sound and useful advice. One month in & the initial symptoms I have presented with – are so much improved – after years of taking the allopathic route… Looking forward to potion No.2 & 3 taking me further down the road to better health… Highly recommend.”



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