So what are the expectations during the consultation?

  • The initial consultation may take an hour or longer.
  • This time is taken to explore why you have come to see me.
  • We will go through your past medical history and what medications you are  taking. If you are on a stack of  medication it may be easier for you to bring a list with you.
  • We will discuss what you eat and how this can be improved – SORRY!
  • Lifestyle and exercise choices will be explored and again suggestions may be made.

Medicine will be prepared at your first visit and is normally made up of a blend of herbs in a tincture form (concentrated herbal constituents suspended in alcohol).  If you are not happy with taking alcohol, herbal teas or capsules can be used instead. The reason for each herb used will be explained to you and any questions you may have will be discussed.

What are my expectations after the visit?

Because the consultation is long and often tiring :-

I will always email  you with a summary of what we are using and why,  what we have discussed and any recommendations I have given.

Timescales are often difficult to predict as each patient responds differently to their prescription.  A change is expected within the first month and therefore I expect to see you again for a follow-up appointment. It is important to realise that I may need to adjust your treatment as you progress or if you have problems.

Herbal medicines are specific to the individual, therefore I do not stock generic mixes for common complaints, however, we are able to sell simple tinctures (containing only one herb) if requested.





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