weight loss

weight loss

Losing weight is for life not just for (post) Christmas…..

If I had a pound for every time I was asked – “Can you give me something to help me lose weight?” I would be a wealthy herbalist indeed. I think most people who have tried to lose weight – myself included have come to realise that there is no quick fix or magic pill (tincture) which will allow them to shed pounds and therefore solve all life’s problems. Added to this is the knowledge that if they do lose weight it is even more difficult to maintain a healthy weight far into the future and instead the fat tends to creep back on with a vengeance.

It takes more than will power; it takes hard work and determination – which in turn takes vast amounts of energy and a healthy positive outlook. …. So why am I writing this blog?

This is where a herbalist can help, there may be truth in the old adage “it’s not me – it’s my glands / hormones”. There are many hormonal reasons which are medically recognised as the reason for gaining weight – namely hypothyroid, menopause and diabetes. As herbalists  we have the luxury of time (which doctors in the NHS don’t) and we are therefore  able to get to know our patients (which generally NHS doctors can’t) which allows us to exclude any genuine medical reason for gaining weight and help with the treatment of these conditions. Included in this diagnostic process some medications may have weight gain as a side effect – so we may suggest a medicine review or alternative medical advice.

On top of this – sleeping problems, stress / depression and lingering health concerns, are all modern chronic conditions which are responsible for sapping personal energy reserves and thus resulting in us reaching for the glass of wine/ biscuit jar/ loaf of bread after a stressful week or emotional day. We are able to address these complaints with herbal medicine – the idea is to treat you as holistically as possible which means evaluating and addressing your diet and sleep patterns, and by using herbal medicine we are able to restore balance in your health and maintain your energy reserves for important things like concentrating on healthy balanced, nutritional meals with adequate rest and realistic enjoyable exercise.

Better quality of sleep = more energy

Better quality of food = more energy

Better emotional support = more energy

More energy to do the things which you love, and possibly discover something new and exciting which you didn’t know you loved, this in turn makes it easier to maintain the focus required to lose weight and keep it off.

So if you want to invest in maintaining a healthy weight and sticking to a more holistic life plan and solving those niggling health concerns contact me for an informal chat. Or visit NIMH for your nearest herbalist.

New July 2014 – 21 st Century herbalism!

I am now able to offer SKYPE consultations with  medication posted via Royal Mail if you do not live local to me.

Why not try my new 3 month health package …. these plans combine all consultations, advice and medication with unlimited email/ telephone support at a discounted price of  £ 60 per month. Contact me for more information.