Integrated medicine

Integrated medicine

What does an integrative approach to health actually mean?

Integrated medicine combines both conventional medicine and complementary healing, with sound knowledge and a known safety profile. Attaining optimum health is about so much more than just eating healthily or popping pills.

This way of looking at health takes into consideration:

  • diet
  • lifestyle choices
  • encourages the pursuit of an affordable, realistic and enjoyable exercise plan
  • thought processes
  • previous illnesses
  • stress

Trying to do this on your own can sometimes feel like you are stuck in a maze of ideas, thoughts, advice and research. Until you eventually just give up. However if you accept that this is a process and not a quick fix it all seems to become more manageable. After the initial consultation you will be given a treatment plan with goals and measurable outcomes.


More about me

After completing a BSc Honours degree in Herbal Medicine, I opened my herbal medicine practice – Boundary Herbs in Shefford, Bedfordshire. My 20 years experience as a Diagnostic Radiographer means that I understand the limitations of Western primary healthcare. These limitations are centred on chronic disease and available treatment pathways. Hence why I am rabbiting on about an integrated approach to health. This led me to investigate more traditional healing methods and found that Herbal medicine resonated with me. Dont get me wrong I firmly believe there is a place for Western Medicine in particular Acute care is fundamental in maintaining health and well being.

I have since expanded further to include new premises at Harmony in Hitchin to allow further access  within Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

I would also like to introduce a new venture which I have started – THE HERB GARDEN . We make homemade herbal massage products which are specifically designed with you in mind.

I am a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) which is the UK’s leading professional organisation for practitioners of herbal medicine.  Established in 1864, NIMH is the first supervisory organization for western herbal medicine in the world and has a stringent code of ethics and practice.

As a member of NIMH:

  • I have a spent a minimum of 500 hours within a supervised clinical setting.
  • I undertake regular CPD (Continuous professional develeopment) training.
  • I have professional insurance.
  • I hold a current CRB certificate.

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